Enterprise / Government Agency

The flexibility offered by SIP has created a huge amount of innovation and development in the communications market and as a result, the once huge investment needed to deploy a large-scale telecoms network has shrunk considerably.

We recognise the challenges facing organisations looking to develop services for their in house customers. Often, you are limited to the feature set offered by your communication provider, and in many instances this does not completely fulfil your needs. If this is you, Shout can offer an alternative. Vendor agnostic, we can develop whatever services you require, deploy them in your network environments and then support them for the entire lifecycle of the requirement.

Our Telco-grade SIP architecture and licensing can scale up and down to suit your specific needs, so you don’t need to be thinking about 1,000’s of simultaneous calls before you invest in your own solution, albeit we can certainly scale that high. If you consider that Shout has been creating and delivering services to the enterprise customers of our carrier partners for over a decade, we already have a large number of flexible solutions that could be deployed to fulfil a whole range of services, leaving you to just invest in an Interconnect agreement and have full control of your own voice network.

Example Applications available today:

  • Call handling configuration & service set up
  • Number allocation & management
  • Multi target call fail-over routing
  • Call queuing
  • Time of day routing
  • Location Based Routing
  • Text To Speech & Voice Recognition
  • Voicemail systems
  • Call recording
  • Voice conferencing
  • Statistical reporting tools
  • Voice Fraud Monitoring
  • Implementing black & white lists
  • Disaster Recovery

This list is certainly not exhaustive and we would be very happy to discuss your own individual requirements.

Designing, purchasing and owning the solution means you will not be tied into long term contracts paying a high fee per user. Nor will you be restricted to one set of features, you can have exactly the solution your business needs to focus and deliver on your core objectives.