Call Statistics & Reporting

VISION is our off the shelf network performance and utilisation statistics product.

Built on our proven statistics database back-end, VISION records and reports information collected from Switches, SBCs and IVR peripherals.

Our proven stats engine works from the Call Detail Records output from any vendor's call handling equipment, collating all available information into a flexible and fast database engine. VISION has a large number of built-in reports that allow you to view your network's performance via a custom built web server application.

The real power of VISION is its flexibility, allowing you to provide your customers with their own log-in to their own number ranges. It is also possible for your customers to have their own corporate identity incorporated for their login, making VISION an ideal tool for your resellers.

Should you have a requirement for detailed and fast information about your infrastructure and/or customers, then we can help you to get your hands on this information. If VISION's built in reports don't fit your exact needs, then we can build you custom reports and statistics, designed to your specifications.


  • Proven database backend for fast CDR storage and availability
  • Powerful and flexible Report Generator
  • Can be integrated with your existing CRM or number management system
  • Email and FTP features for background report delivery
  • Automated Email and SNMP Alerts of network issues


  • Can be built to meet your individual requirements
  • Can pull traffic analysis information together from multiple disparate technologies
  • Can be used for statistical information and for fault finding and fraud detection
  • Can be configured for 'near real time' reporting, depending on your infrastructure

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