Service & Solution Development

We have developed numerous large and small applications for our customers. We can build services and solutions either on your existing platforms or as a combination using our highly flexible solutions.

You can build and manage services through our highly flexible and simple scripting language, you can use our API’s, buy one of our number management portals which enable service management for the end user, or you can commission our engineers to plan, develop and deliver new services for you.

The Shout Promise: Once we have scoped out all new development work and agree a Statement of Works, we will agree a price, if our estimate of the number of days is wrong and it takes us longer, we will not charge you more.

Existing Deployments
  • The Everything Everywhere Text To Voice platform
  • The GCI Web Enabled Routing Platform
  • A Voice Fraud Monitoring & Alerting Platform
  • A Voicemail system for the emergency services Tetra Network
  • A Least Cost Routing and Disaster Recovery system for 6 Degrees Communications
  • A Cisco Integrated Call Recording portal
  • A Webex integrated voice conferencing system
  • A comprehensive network voice statistics and management reporting system for T-Mobile
  • Multiple statistics platforms
The Process
  1. It all starts with an initial call to discuss the project outline
  2. Shout will then outline potential solutions and sense check them in a more technical review process with the client
  3. We will then agree a process and price for some professional service work to produce a fully formed solution tailored specifically to your network environment
  4. We will then produce a Statement of Requirements detailing our understanding of your requirement and how it can be addressed. This will also contain a price and potential development timeline should you elect to use Shout to develop the solution
  5. If you select Shout to deliver the solution we will provide you with a Statement of Works detailing every step of the development process including milestones. This will come with a formal quotation against which a PO can be raised.
  6. Once delivered, in most cases Shout will offer an ongoing Support Agreement

Every platform and application we provide is backed by our global 24/7 support. Crucially, development and support is provided by the same engineering team, this means an excellent knowledge of each platform and client deployment as well as an unrivalled speed of fault diagnosis and resolution.

Ask yourself this: How useful would it be if every time you had an issue with a software application, you could communicate directly with one of the team who created it? This is not just invaluable for support, it also means you can talk to the engineers about how to improve the platform(s) and add new features.

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