24/7 Global Support

At Shout we understand that a product's lifecycle doesn't end with the development process, we offer ongoing out of hours support for all the products & services we develop.

The Shout Difference

Every platform and application we provide is backed by our global 24/7 support. Crucially, development and support is provided by the same engineering team, this means an excellent knowledge of each platform and client deployment as well as an unrivalled speed of fault diagnosis and resolution.

Ask yourself this: How useful would it be if every time you had an issue with a software application, you could communicate directly with one of the team who created it? This is not just invaluable for support, it also means you can talk to the engineers about how to improve the platform(s) and add new features.

The Shout Support Portal

Every customer has access to our support portal, where they can:

  • Raise, monitor, amend and manage ongoing support tickets
  • Manage all users within their own organisations who may need to raise support issues
  • Review historical tickets
  • Review monthly reports including:
    • Support report detailing all the months tickets, their current status and headline information
    • SLA report showing our performance against our agreed SLAs in the month
  • Book Maintenance windows to inform the Shout engineering team that your engineers are undertaking network changes that could impact our platforms. This ensures our engineers are best able to address any negative impacts and rectify them before they become service affecting, as well as giving us an opportunity to raise any concerns we may have with the planned work
  • Accept and manage Change Notes. A Change Note is prepared by Shout engineers prior to commencing works on a customer platform. Typically they involve the likely risks, the date and time for the work (usually out of hours for service affecting platforms) as well as the roll back plan in the event things don’t go as expected. Every Shout Change Note is peer reviewed before going to the customer for sign off.