SIP Gateway

The Shout SIP Gateway enables you to easily deploy advanced call routing solutions created on either the Shout Application Server, or a Telsis fastSCP into your Next Generation Network.

Being able to deploy all of your existing services onto your NGN Soft-Switch can save considerable time and money, negating the need to purchase and learn a whole new Service Creation Environment.

Our experience of working closely with our customers to develop products that fit efficiently into their networks ensures our SIP Gateway will allow you to maximise the potential of your existing and future network.


  • SIP Back-to-Back User Agent Architecture (B2BUA) for flexible control of messaging
  • Integration with third party Application Servers
  • Call Detail Record Generation
  • Web based management


  • SIP Stack developed in house for maximum flexibility with third party integration
  • Session Border Controller and SIP Interworking functionality
  • Fully programmable to allow your application developers to develop call flows and modify SIP messaging