Media Server / IVR

The Shout Media Server/Interactive Voice Response (IVR) provides TDM and SIP interfaces in an open standards scalable hardware platform.

Our IVR is deployed by service providers and Telcos for a wide range of applications including audio announcement, call record, conference and Fax. The Shout IVR is chosen for its reliability, flexible architecture and small footprint, together with its ability to meet future requirements.

With full support for Next Generation VoIP applications, Text to Speech and Speech Recognition the Shout IVR is a powerful addition to your network, ensuring you can provide services to your customers to differentiate.


  • Custom high density DSP hardware for deterministic behaviour and support for high call volumes
  • Full IVR feature-set including DTMF detection, audio play, audio record, conference, Fax, audio play speed/skip via DTMF and Voice Activity Detection
  • Email and FTP support for end-to-end applications
  • Industry standard MRCP support for Text to Speech and Speech Recognition
  • High capacity hot-swap RAID disk storage
  • Web services interface - for integration with external platforms and applications


  • Can be deployed as a cluster with audio replication for scalability and resilience
  • Open Architecture for future proof integration
  • Web managed and SNMP support