CDR Management & Mediation

Shout understands that Call Detail Records (CDRs) are the lifeblood for any telecoms operator.

Therefore we've developed a fully configurable product that extracts CDRs from your call handling equipment and outputs them into your desired format(s).

In today's environment of merging technologies and company acquisitions, being able to rationalise the information coming from these technologies into a single format is invaluable. As with all of our products and solutions, we work with you to ensure that our solution meets your individual needs.


  • CDR Mediation for billing or stats output feeds
  • Optional paired server configuration for split site or network resilience
  • Web Interface for Management and Configuration
  • Customer customisable mapping of input CDR fields to output CDR fields


  • Central CDR platform for automatic collection, processing and distribution
  • Common output feeds from multiple vendors CDRs
  • Evolves with your network as capacity increases and your switch or billing engine changes

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