Telecoms Resellers

Shout provide a number of platforms ideal for telecommunication resellers of all sizes, due to great success many of our resellers have gone on to become their own networks.

Shout has been instrumental in developing and delivering the network systems of more than a dozen UK telecoms networks, many of which started out reselling other networks services. A number of our customers have grown dramatically over the years to become large solution providers, including names like Talk Talk Business, GCI, 6 Degrees as well as niche networks developing industry leading solutions for vertical markets like 24 Seven and Call Tracks.

Many of our customers found that the additional margin gained from becoming their own networks pays for network applications and systems they needed, whist at the same time giving them full control of their future without fear of unexpected cost increases, In addition to having full control of your own network, you can also develop and deploy your own unique services to address the needs of your customers to differentiate your offering while at the same time increasing your margins.

Why Choose Shout?

  • We can help guide your transition from reseller to network
  • Industry leading support and a partnership mentality
  • Very competitive carrier grade solutions
  • Highly flexible offering
  • Use your existing customer facing WEB portals or use one of ours
  • Powerful, resilient and highly flexible Platforms
  • Simple service creation using API’s, Simple Scripting, Web Portals or Shout Developers
  • We Care About Your Success

Key benefits of becoming your own network

  • Greater profits
  • Full control over your future
  • Develop your now unique service offering