Lean on our decades of telecoms and technology experience to help develop applications that have a real effect on your organisation's operational efficiency and growth.

We have a long and distinguished record in helping our clients with the development of successful product strategies. Understanding your market segment and how customers buy services are critical to the identification of a strategy that will ultimately lead to the maximisation of revenue.

We have supported our clients on all aspects of product implementation including developing specific and bespoke tools for their needs, extending the life of legacy equipment and providing them with new services. In order to achieve this effectively, it is essential to be able to work well with partners. Shout have a proven track record of working with partners and offer an open and friendly approach to collaboration.

Whatever your problem, we can usually come up with a solution where others fail.

How it works:

  • It all starts with an initial call to discuss the project in outline
  • Shout will then produce an outline of potential solutions and sense check them with the client in a more technical review process
  • We will then agree a process and price for some professional service work to produce a fully formed solution tailored specifically to your network environment
  • We will then produce a Statement of Requirements detailing our understanding of your requirement and how it can be addressed. This will also contain a price and potential development timeline should you elect to use Shout to develop the solution
  • If you select Shout to deliver the solution we will provide you with a Statement of Works detailing every step of the development process including milestones. This will come with a formal quotation against which a PO can be raised.
    • o If you do not select Shout, you can use our Statement of Requirements document to ask other companies to quote or indeed have your own internal teams deliver the solution.
  • Once delivered, in most cases Shout will offer an ongoing Support Agreement